Checking in with Adamchak

Episode 21: GoodDay

February 28, 2022 Jason Adamchak Episode 21
Checking in with Adamchak
Episode 21: GoodDay
Show Notes

It is a GOOD DAY when you reach your 21st episode of the podcast. In our new episode, we have Chase and Liam, who make up the new dj duo, GoodDay. GoodDay is a rising duo living in Florida the sunshine state, where they keep on bringing the Good Days and Good Vibes everywhere they go. Their mission is to spread positivity through their frequencies. They want to make people dance, laugh, and love. Every day is a GoodDay.

During the episode, we talk about how a new upcoming duo in the music industry keeps up with their mental health and some best practices to monitor it along the journey. GoodDay discusses their new track "Collide," set to release on Friday, March 4 ft. Melodia. We also dive into how these two came up with GoodDay and where they met each other.

It is no doubt that starting in the music industry can take a toll, but luckily for GoodDay, they focus on making sure they keep the fun in what they do. Because of that, GoodDay rose to the #8 spot on Spinnin' Records new talent for their tack Highs & Lows, which is out now. A true testament of anything is possible!

Thank you for joining the podcast GoodDay and making us remember that we truly cannot enjoy the Good Days without the Bad Days. We wish you nothing but success on your artist journey.

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