Checking in with Adamchak

Episode 22: MMW/Ultra Music Festival

March 21, 2022 Jason Adamchak
Checking in with Adamchak
Episode 22: MMW/Ultra Music Festival
Show Notes

Happy Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival, everyone! The time where we thought would never come fully arrived, and it's about to be a full send fellow Ultranauts.

Miami Music Week (March 22-27) is a time where people gather from all over the world to unite at the center of Miami, Florida, showcase new talent, label releases, music, and share expression through art and music. During that week, dance music lovers, industry fanatics, and artists flood the streets of Ocean Drive to put on a magical week that leads up to the largest premier electronic dance music festival in the United States, which is called Ultra Music Festival (25-27).

I have attended every Ultra since 2015, with 2013 being my first Ultra by only following the last closing epic set of Swedish House Mafia ending their time together as a trio to fast-forwarding and seeing them reunite for Ultra's 20th anniversary back in 2018. When Ultra changed venues from Bayfront Park to Virginia Key, I got to experience the festival in a different setting. Indeed, I have digested a lot with Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival as both a fan of dance music and someone who works in the industry. I am happy to put together an episode to help cater to both audiences and share my experiences, tips, and tricks.

Please enjoy my episode all about Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival, and if you are looking to connect, send me a message! 

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