Checking in with Adamchak

Episode 24: Rachel Narozniak

April 22, 2022
Checking in with Adamchak
Episode 24: Rachel Narozniak
Show Notes

Music journalism in the dance music world evolves every day and year, and thanks to Rachel Narozniak, those developmental and pivotal moments in electronic journalism are coming to life.

On our 24th episode, we welcome Rachel to the podcast. Rachel has been the managing editor for Dancing Astronaut (DA) for the past two years; come July, she will be with DA for five years, brought initially on as contributing writer in 2017 after several years of previous blogging and music journalism with Crust Nation. 

Rachel has more than 2,200 news stories, track posts, album/event/product reviews, interviews, Q&As, and original features to her "DA" byline during her time at DA. Created an independent conceptualization and execution of "Supernovas," an interview-driven series that recurs monthly, and Rachel single-handedly developed and deployed Dancing Astronaut's ORBIT: AMPLIFY sequence. The weekly playlist initiative tasked artists with creating 20-track playlists containing songs from Black artists and other artists of color that inspired the curating artist.

In the episode, we take listeners on Rachel's journalism journey, discuss women and race in the music industry, mental health, and tips and tricks for anyone interested in dipping their feet into dance music journalism. 

Thank you for checking in with us, Rachel, and congratulations on your success; more to come your way. 

Rachel's body of Dancing Astronaut work can be found in full here.

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