Checking in with Adamchak

Episode 25: Jalen Jackson

May 02, 2022 Season 1 Episode 25
Checking in with Adamchak
Episode 25: Jalen Jackson
Show Notes

Jalen Jackson lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and wears several hats in the music industry. For instance, Jalen is a dj, producer, production manager for District Nightclub, and founder, and operating manager of The Metric Agency, a marketing and event production/promotion company based in Atlanta, Georgia. He also has another project called TEMPO, which helps bring the international underground house and techno scene to District. 

In this episode, we talk about mental health, being present, the advantages and disadvantages of working in the music industry, and how to be in your reality. 

Thank you, Jalen, for checking in with us and for everything you are doing for the dance music community in Atlanta and beyond. We cannot wait to see you keep dominating in the music space, and thank you for the real conversations.

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Music: Christian Alexander

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