Checking in with Adamchak

Episode 5: Otica

October 24, 2021 Jason Adamchak Episode 5
Checking in with Adamchak
Episode 5: Otica
Show Notes

House music is the music that unites us all, no matter who you are? The rise for house music is back on the climb in the United States of America. New house music festivals are being born left and right and planted in cities that have significantly impacted the house music scene. One of those cities that is making their house scene debut and well known is Atlanta, Georiga.

Otica, a rising house music producer and dj, is making his name well known through his eccentric and groovy original house tracks. Each city has a unique vibe and its taste and spin on house music, and Otica has decided to take control of the scene and add his house style to all tracks.

His latest release just launched on the Snacktime label and features Anadi, and the name of the track is "Take My Hand." Fun fact, do you dig the intro and outro music of this episode? Well, it's Otica's recent release, so make sure you go and download the whole track now!

Enjoy our episode as we talk about house music in Atlanta and a little fun "This or That" game.

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Music: Otica X Anadi - Take My Hand (Radio Edit)

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