Checking in with Adamchak

Episode 13: Dani King

December 20, 2021 Jason Adamchak Episode 13
Checking in with Adamchak
Episode 13: Dani King
Show Notes

On our 13th episode of Checking in with Adamchak, we had the honor of Dani King joining the show as a special guest. Dani King is a singer, songwriter, vocal producer, and now full-time producer who currently resides in California's golden state.

During the episode, Dani shares her best practices as an artist to keep up her mental health and her vocals.  We open up about all of her recent success with Spotify for the year 2021 by reaching a total of two million streams, 104.2k hours, 477.8k listeners, and 156 countries. She also shares an exclusive never been told story about her first live performance singing at a music festival.

Dani King truly is a positive light and breath of fresh air for the music industry, and there is so much success to come for her in the future.

Thank you for joining our lucky number 13th episode, and we cannot wait to see you prosper.

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Music:  Calm Before The Storm - Rebel Scum, Dani King, Centrix 

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