Checking in with Adamchak

Episode 14: MADiSUN

December 27, 2021 Jason Adamchak Episode 14
Checking in with Adamchak
Episode 14: MADiSUN
Show Notes

MADiSUN is an Atlanta native bass, house, and techno dj who is quickly taking the peach state by storm. The sun is a symbol of positivity and bright vibrations. Fans can expect that same energy from both her music and personality.

In this episode, MADiSUN discusses her perspective as a newly started female dj in the city of Atlanta, her first whole camping festival experience at Lost Lands, and an honest talk about mental health and seasonal depression.

Thank you for checking in with us MADiSUN, and we can't wait to see you dominate the Atlanta dance music scene.

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Music: Christian Alexander

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