Checking in with Adamchak

Episode 15: OMAS

January 10, 2022 Jason Adamchak Episode 15
Checking in with Adamchak
Episode 15: OMAS
Show Notes

On our 15th episode, we had the honor of having the highly talented and humble OMAS on the show to check in with us.

OMAS had one heck of a previous year in 2021 with several accomplishments. Such as hosting his first headling show in Los Angeles, California, playing Excision's festival Lost Lands, direct support for Blunts and Blondes, five releases with Excision’s label Subsidia Record, and a debut EP on Bear Grillz’s label Rude Service Records.

During this episode, OMAS opens up about his first time at Coachella, who his musical influences came from, avoiding producer burnout, and did you know he plays poker on the side while being an artist?!

Thank you so much for checking in with us, OMAS, and be sure to follow his story and journey because he is beyond masterly and skilled.

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Music by OMAS "When It's Over" ft. Misdom

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