Checking in with Adamchak

Episode 16: The Camera Lady

January 17, 2022 Jason Adamchak Season 1 Episode 16
Checking in with Adamchak
Episode 16: The Camera Lady
Show Notes

Calling all photographers, do we have a special episode for you! On this new podcast check-in, we have Taylor Regulski, @the.cameria.lady, here to talk about her photography experiences within sports, weddings, and, most importantly, event photography.

During this episode, we learn from Taylor how she dipped her feet into event photography and shares her tips and tricks on getting started. We also have genuinely open, honest conversations on her mental health and a woman photographer in the industry.

We also get to geek out on our experiences at Lollapalooza, our interests in international festivals, and our love for uplifting women, people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, and overall anybody who is here to promote the love and good vibes.

Thank you for checking in with us, Taylor, and we can't wait to see more of your work showcased and shine within the music industry.

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