Checking in with Adamchak

Episode 17: Steller

January 23, 2022 Jason Adamchak Episode 17
Checking in with Adamchak
Episode 17: Steller
Show Notes

We welcome another all bass artist to the podcast, Angelica, who goes by her stage name Steller. Steller quickly has taken the world by storm with her unique bass sounds full of dubs and wobs from start to finish.

In 2021, Steller dropped her first EP Day Dreaming, several known named festivals such as the Forbidden Kingdom and Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando, and played Subtronics and Bassrushes event Cyclops Cove.

During this episode, Steller and I talk about what therapy can do for your mental health and the evolution of the Florida bass scene. We also share our experiences of being pioneers at the first Okeechobee Music & Art Festival.

Thank you for checking in with us, Angelica; we are counting down the hours until your next EP drops and cannot wait to see you keep climbing the charts of success.

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Music: FL Sound - Steller & Evalution

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